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Episode 22 - How Sandy Forster Went From Welfare to Millionaire!

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Ever feel like you're meant for more than where you're at now? Maybe you're struggling with a pile of debt or you're just not seeing traction in reaching your goals in general. If this sounds like you then you don't want to miss today's episode. Listen in as Sandy Forster shares her amazing transformational journey about how she went from massive debt and living on welfare to making 3 million dollars in just one year! She's talking about how learning about the law of attraction inspired her to write a book and take inspired action. And how these things opened doors that allowed her to prosper! Connect with Sandy: Grab your FREE course - Connect with Jamie: Grab your FREE Publishing Profit Path -

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When entrepreneurs are transparent, they'll share with you that this life we've chosen can be lonely, scary, confusing and overwhelming and we are often more vulnerable to expensive mistakes and surprises than we care to admit but hitting roadblocks and barriers. being forced to redirect start over or pivot is completely normal. I invite you to join our tribe entrepreneurs devoted to increasing their business growth, influence and impact while being courageous enough to share the UPS downs twists and turns of their life and business Odysseys through cathartic and inspiring stories learn actionable and practical steps to push past barriers, roadblocks and failures to achieve huge influence impact and growth in your business and life. Million Dollar PIVOT is a series of honest million dollar stories with powerful business influencers and mission driven entrepreneurial leaders.

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provides you with real life value and belief that not only will you make it through to financial and location independence, you will end up exactly where you were always meant to be making a difference, changing lives and telling your own million dollar story. When you've been in the game for a while, you'll realize we all fall at some point. And when we do we land on the path that brings us to exactly where we are meant to be every time I'm Jamie Wolf, and this is Million Dollar PIVOT a show for everyone who's ever hit a wall trying to move to the next level, whether you're just starting in business or you're moving from six to seven to eight figures and beyond. 

Jamie  1:43  

Hey everyone, this is Jamie Wolf with Million Dollar PIVOT podcast and I am so pleased to have with me today Sandy Forster. She is in Australia and I am in the United States and I don't know if you can hear any background noise but I'm joined by my grand dog this evening. 

Jamie  1:59  

So that should make life a little bit interesting on today's recording. For those of you who are regular listeners of Million Dollar PIVOT, you know that we talk about a time in our lives, maybe more than one where we're going along, minding our own business, following what we think is a plan. And then something happens whether it's a good thing or not such a good thing, something causes us to redirect. And it's uncomfortable going through it, except when we finally end up where we are, we find out that's exactly what was supposed to happen. And that what we're doing now, and the people that we're serving is exactly where we're supposed to be. So Sandy, I would like you to tell our listeners a little bit about you and about what you do and then invite you to continue on and tell a story of a time. You know if you can think of just one because some of us have more than just one, but about

Jamie  2:54  

about a time that you pivoted if you will. 

Sandy  2:58  

Sure. So, hi Everyone, as you mentioned, my name is Sandy and I'm from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. And I kind of did the same thing most people do went to school, got a job, very early on found out that I did not like working for other people. I just wanted the freedom of being able to, you know, work for myself and make my own choices. And so I started doing things that made me money on the side, you know, small things that the markets I sewed shorts and put them on consignment in shops, so I did lots of little things. But it wasn't till the aerobics era struck that I ended up quitting my job and I started teaching ob classes, and I love that so much. That really gave me a sense of being able to choose my analysis and make as much money as I want. But from there, I sort of ended up making swimwear in gym way because you couldn't buy leotards and so I started making all this gym wear and then swimwear and the business

Sandy  4:00  

From the outside it looked like it was going really well. But it was not going well. I was just, I was getting further and further in debt, and I ended up it was kind of more play money than anything because at the time, I'd ended up marrying the boy that I went out with the 10 years that I've met in high school. And by the time we split up that thing that was sort of the play money that I was making from that business ended up having to support me and it didn't. So I ended up on a government pension. I was getting $15,000 a year from the government, which may I say, is not enough to live on. So I was really struggling financially, I ended up $100,000 in debt and on welfare. So that was kind of a point in my life that I just, I don't know, I just felt like I'd been born into the wrong life. I felt like I was meant to be a millionaire. Like there was a life I really wanted. But I was so far from it. I just, I just didn't know what to do. I didn't. All I knew was I loved personal development.

Sandy  5:00  

Anything to do with becoming a better person, I loved anything to do with creating success. You know, I wasn't, I was not none of those things like my life was in total chaos, and I was $100,000 in debt on welfare. But those were the things that really spoke to my heart. And I was really lucky that I saw this tiny little ad in a magazine, or actually in the local newspaper, it was only an inch by an inch, but it had the words that really spoke to me and just jumped off the page. One of them was personal development. One of them was a strong work ethic, and the other was to make money. It's like, whoa. So I had a look at what they were talking about. And it was basically marketing a personal development course. And that was my first introduction to the law of attraction. So that's where I really learned about the law of attraction. So I started marketing this course. I loved it. I did really well at it. But unfortunately, you know, even though I was making really good money,

Sandy  6:00  

Who on the global marketing rights ended up having disputes with a printer, we had no product for many, many, many months. And because it's direct sales, you don't have a product to sell you really up the creek. So that business ended up going poorly. And then I didn't know what I was going to do. And then I ended up discovering life coaching and thought, wow, this sounds great. And I borrowed the money to do some training and just loved the idea that I could work from home, over the phone, choose my own hours. And you know, really the sky was the limit when it came to income. So, you know, that's one of the things that I started doing. It was one of the pivots, but I mean, I've done so many pivots, it's not funny.

Sandy  6:45  

But that was that was really, I think the thing that changed everything for me because it allowed me to see that you could work from home and that you could do something that you truly love and even though

Sandy  7:00  

Today, I buy most people's standards. Most people think I sit around doing nothing all day. Let me just say that first. But by most people's standards, I work really hard. I love what I do. So I put a lot of hours into it because I love creating products and programs and guided visualizations and meditations. And I just love creating programs that empower people and inspire them and get them to change their life and create more prosperity. So I love what I do. So I'm always doing it. But I just love the fact that I can choose when and where and how much and create the prosperity that I want and at the same time allow other people to create prosperity. So for me, I think the real pivot was that time that I was $100,000 in debt on welfare, no idea what to do, but I borrowed the money to go through coach training that really, really did it for me. 

Jamie  7:54  

That's a heck of a story and I applaud you for being so far in a hole, and not just financially, but emotionally that that's a really rough place to be when you've lost everything lately.

Sandy  8:10  

 Yeah, absolutely. You feel so alone I felt so I felt so ashamed because it's like, I felt like the rest of the world had it gone on when it came to money. And I was the only one that didn't know what was happening. I was the only one that didn't like what was wrong with me that I just couldn't get it together. So I felt ashamed. I felt guilty. I felt embarrassed. I felt scared about what the future was going to do. I really was in that place where I just didn't know how things were going to change because in my mind, I'm thinking, well, I could get a job. But even if I got a really good paying job, it was going to take me decades to pay it off. Like I had no idea so I'm just really glad that I was open and not just open but I was ready to say yes, when something came along. I think what happens for a lot of people

Sandy  9:00  

They can be in a hole, they can be in a bad place. But when something's presented to them, instead of being open and saying yes, and taking that first step, they come up with all the reasons why it won't work, all the reasons why it's not going to happen to them all the reasons why it's a bad idea all and they just write it off. And I stay stuck in the same place. So I'm really big on making people you know, be open to the opportunities, be open to the possibilities, say, yes, see what happens. Because, you know, I've said yes to some things and nothing terrible disasters, but by saying yes to many things, the right thing comes along and you say yes, and it completely, completely changes your life. 

Jamie  9:43  

You bring up so many amazing points there. I think that anyone who has tried this entrepreneurial world has had periods of times when things are not going well and I realized that you know, your time of not going great

Jamie  10:00  

was probably before you started on this true entrepreneurial journey. But it's still that sense of isolation of not wanting to talk about things when things are going very badly because we all put on this sort of Instagram facade of everything is rosy. And it's when we need mentorship most when we need help most when we need somebody else who's a few steps ahead of us, to guide us and help us out that we get really hesitant to say anything because it's also overwhelming. So I think you really hit the nail on the head when you say that people have to be open. You know, honestly, what else have you got to lose when you're strapped for cash? And you don't really have a clear path. If somebody comes along and says, try this, even if it doesn't work. So what you spent some time learning something new, and I think you have certainly shown that iteration after iteration. You keep learning things along the way. And you started with

Jamie  11:00  

aerobics and you love that. And then you did this personal development, marketing and you loved that and then you've gone on to the coaching and the other things and you love that so much you just work at it all the time. Except it doesn't really feel like work does it? 

Sandy  11:15  

No. And that's the beauty of it. When you finally discover something that you really love doing, it's not work and so you easily put the hours in and you easily and I think I think more than anything, it's not just so much the doing that you do because you love it. It's that energetic standpoint, from an energetic from a metaphysical perspective. What happens is, the energy that you bring to what you do is so high and so attractive, as in you know, vibrationally attractive, that you attract more opportunities and people and circumstances and situations to help your business grow because of the energy that you're putting into it not physical energy but on an energetic level.

Sandy  12:00  

You're putting it out there to the universe, that you're just loving what you do. And so the universe just brings you more of what you love to do. And it just grows and grows and grows. So yeah, it can be really lucky. But having said that, you know, for me, as I said, I've had lots of different pivots. I mean, I remember having one time, you probably heard of it “The Secret”, the DVD, the secret, so it wasn't available in Australia. And I remember really wanting to watch it. And so I saw the trailer. And I didn't really know what it was about, because I didn't say it was the law of attraction. I just knew there was something about it that really spoke to me. So I emailed through their website and said, I love what you're doing. I'd love to send you a present. And I got an email back. It was from Rhonda Byrne, the producer and she said, I don't know how I got your email because none of the emails come to me. But somehow your email came to me. Yeah, I'd love to present. So I sent him my book, I'd written a book on how to be wildly wealthy, fast. It's all based on the law of attraction and

Sandy  13:00  

Creating and attracting abundance. So I sent him my book. And she emailed me back and said, Oh my gosh, did you write this after you watched the movie? I said, I've never seen the movie yet. She said, It's exactly the movie. I said, I know why she sent me the movie. And I watched the movie. And it was like, Oh, my gosh, I said, what we've got to get this into Australia. She said, we can't, because we have, what was it some sort of something in place that until it aired on TV, they weren't allowed to sell it in Australia. And I said, Well, why can't someone else sell it in Australia? She said, Yeah, but we can only sell it to people in America. And I said, Well, I've got a US company. I just happen to have you with me. My US company bought it and brought it into a strategy. She said show up that one idea Alon that made me $3 million in a space of a year just by taking action and most people, I wouldn't think to email them to say I want to send you a present be they wouldn't probably have

Sandy  14:00  

At some point, I don't even know why I started a US company.

Sandy  14:04  

See, they wouldn't think too. I mean, I didn't think I'm importing, how does that work? Is there, tariffs and GG and how do you ship it here and blah, blah, blah like I don't, I'm so when I say stupid, I don't mean it in a bad way. But I'm so stupid that I didn't think about things in advance, I just do it. And then I figure it out as I go. So that was another pivot that worked out really, really well for me, because it's just a matter of when things come up. When things come to mind. I call it taking inspired action when things come to mind, act on it, and if it works, brilliant if it doesn't, what have you lost? Basically, what have you lost maybe a little bit of money, maybe a little bit of time, but sometimes you can hit a home run with these random thoughts that you can just, you know, make such a difference in your business and that was one of them. Yeah.

Jamie  14:57  

I love that story. And I

Jamie  15:00  

I actually have a similar story that I haven't thought about in a long time. My middle child who has long since passed, being a child has type one diabetes, and she was diagnosed when she was 10. And when she was in her teens, we moved to a place where there was not terrific medical care, unless you happen to be in the military. So for the civilian population, there was not great medical care for people who are for children who had type one diabetes. And so a series of random events had me decide that I would start a company that would help people with kids with type one diabetes, and so it ended up being a medical device disease management company. I am not a tech person. I didn't really know anything about type one diabetes, other than what I've learned to take care of my daughter, and just kept running into a couple people here and a couple people there who knew how to do artificial intelligence.

Jamie  16:00  

knew how to do software and knew how to do hardware. And none of us knew how to get something through American FDA clearance. But we thought, what the heck do we do that? And of all things I'm sort of embarrassed to say. But one day, I just happened to be reading an old magazine back when Oprah had Oh, magazine, and maybe she still does. I don't know, it's been a long time since I've seen one. But in that there was a regular column by a person with MD after his name, and he was talking about something and I thought, you know, he's saying a lot of the same things as far as behavior and knowing data and things like that in order to help yourself and he gives an email address. So I very randomly emailed himself, introduced myself and said, Hey, I'm starting a company. Now, we didn't have any money. We didn't even have a prototype. We just had an idea at that point and talked to a lot of people about it. emailed Tim said, I'm starting a company would it be possible to chat with you

Jamie  17:00  

Within a day, I had an email response saying, here's the number of my assistant set something up, and we'll have a, you know, a 15 minute phone conversation. And I was like, Oh my God, this person answered me

Jamie  17:13  

actually expect that to happen. And so from there, we ended up having a call that lasted an hour and a half. And the response was, well, when you have money and a product, call me back, and we got money and we got a product, then we call this person back then that person ended up being the chief medical officer for our medical device startup company for a bunch of years. And never in a million years. It was like, I was just a person who was a mom with a kid who was sick and I was going to a day job and I was trying to figure out how to help her and other people like her and just responded to a call on a magazine.

Jamie  17:55  

Some really, really amazing things and you know, ultimately it was all the people that we

Jamie  18:00  

We're serving and people that we were helping. Yes, we started a, you know, a tech company. But the point was to help other kids like my daughter. And we were able to do that just by the same impulse that you're talking about. I had no idea what I was getting into. But it worked because we just kept finding the right people. So I think it's a good message that you're giving to people about, you know, you don't have to plan everything thoroughly. You don't have to know everything that you're doing. You do have to respond to your own impulses that will guide you and sometimes it's serendipity. And sometimes it goes absolutely nowhere and you don't remember those situations. But if you keep trying, something's gonna fall in place, I think. 

Sandy  18:47  

Exactly, exactly. And I always, I always teach my clients, you know, you know, there's that saying, Ready, aim fire. And I always say, you know, that doesn't work for me. Because if I

Sandy  19:00  

Get ready for something and then I will be stuck in aiming for the rest of my life. So I say ready, fire, aim. So come up with an idea, just get ready just and then fire just do it just make it happen. And then I then tweak and then refine and work out whether it's going to be right or something needs to change or if you need to let it go together. But if you just get going, just take action. That's the key. I really think that's the key to most people's success is everyone else is sitting around thinking about it, trying to decide, trying to get things perfect, trying to align all their ducks in a row. And the rest of us are just out there doing it and then fixing it up as we go along. I think that's the difference. We don't make a perfect and then show the world. We show the world warts and all and then we don't even ever make it perfect. We just try and improve it as much as we can.

Jamie  19:56  

So right now around the world, I know that there are

Jamie  20:00  

A lot of people who aren't able to go to work, some of them have had to close their businesses, some of them aren't sure if they're going to get laid off. Some of them are having severe money issues because of everything that's been going on. When you're in that place, and it feels like there's a really big weight on you. Again, maybe you're not sharing that, because you're trying to keep up a brave face for your family, perhaps, or you don't want to be the weak link among your colleagues, because you don't want to give off that energy that you know, maybe you're on shaky ground and therefore, sort of be the first person to go, in your experience from the things that you went through. How do you deal with still keeping a positive attitude or still keeping hope? Because I think sometimes when, at least when I get pretty depressed, it's really hard to take action. I know that I need to, but I find it very hard to take the next step.

Jamie  21:00  

Especially if I don't know exactly what steps to take. Do you have any thoughts?

Sandy  21:04  

Absolutely. And I think I think everybody needs to realize probably right now everyone's feeling pretty much the same thing. You know, no matter who you are and what business you're in, unless you're in the toilet paper or sanitizing business, you've been affected in some way. Because even if your business is completely immune, like my business, what would happen, I work from home, I'm fine. Now people can sign up on the internet whenever they want. But then you got to remember all the potential clients and customers, they're the ones that don't have the money and they the ones that are in fear, and they're the ones that so it's not just you know, it's not just select businesses, everyone is feeling it to some degree. But I know from my perspective, the thing that keeps me going and also keeps my business going, and also all the clients that I work with going is yes, things are happening now. But this is just the tiniest

Sandy  22:00  

blip in our lives. And what we choose to focus on now where we choose to put out energy in the conversations we choose to have and where we choose to go, when we're by ourselves. And we've got, you know, no other conversations going on what conversations we choose to have in our head. That's what determines where we're going and where we're headed. So when you first started, I know I went, Oh my gosh, because suddenly, all of a sudden, sales just stopped. It was like, there was a couple of weeks there, but nothing was happening. I'm thinking, what's going on in the world because I live a pretty isolated life anyway, like, I didn't even notice anything was happening. I don't have a TV that's connected to the outside world. So the only way I knew something was really happening was my kids stopped visiting so often when my dad came over in high five me with his elbow,

Sandy  22:48  

instead of us kissing.

Sandy  22:51  

Apart from that, my life went on the same, but that's what I noticed. So I thought, you know what I can bind to this whole disaster or I can choose to

Sandy  23:00  

create my own reality. So I chose instead, to focus on what I wanted. I wanted to see my business continue to grow me changing lives, those people going out and changing lives because one of the things I ended up doing another pivot I made, people kept saying to me, I want to do what you're doing, I want to work from home, I want to, you know, have my own hours, I want to be able to work in the personal development field. So I actually launched the inspired spirit Coaching Academy and I train people all around the world to become law of attraction coaches, internationally certified law of attraction coaches, I've been doing that since 2008. We've trained about 1500 people from about 32 countries now. So that's been my main focus at the moment. And so what I wanted to do was continue because I knew that right now, like it's the best time for someone to learn something new. It's the best time for them to bring in another stream of income. It's the best time for them to be able to work from home like it. Like To me it was like all the stars aligned

Sandy  24:00  

So instead of buying into the fear and then agreeing with everyone about how bad things were, it was like, well, let's focus on what is actually good in this moment. And so when I did that I focused on myself I focused on my business I visualized I firmed. I you know, then obviously announced our next intake and it was one of the busiest ever because people realize that now was the perfect time to be learning to be a law of attraction coach now was the perfect time to learn how to work from home now was the perfect time to learn how to be your own boss so that nobody can buy you like, but that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't stepped away and being disconnected from mainstream chaos. And just gone into my own mind and created what I wanted, which was the business to be booming, me changing more lives, those people being able to go out and change lives. Just everything to be as it was, but just amplify and so you're in control of your own

Sandy  25:00  

You're in control of your thoughts and you're in control of the conversations you have with others. And you're in control of what you watch on TV, and you're in control. And so everyone that says, Oh, no, I've got no control over this COVID be 19, whatever it is, and all these things about how you don't have any control, you have control over what you think about what you focus on, where you put your energy. And that then becomes your tomorrow and your next month and your next year comes your future. So you actually do have control and you need to take that control back and you need to focus on what you want. And you know, I know, it's scary when things especially when money is tight. because money is such a survival. It's linked to survival in such a big way. But, you know, we have the choice and it's just a matter of you know, get yourself a really nice guided visualization or the recorded affirmations if you close your eyes and you just can't stop thinking about them.

Sandy  26:00  

get you something that guides you through, it allows you to just gently pull you away from whatever's going on and take into your own beautiful little world. And because I know how much that works, I know how much that completely transformed my life. Because remember, I was $100,000 in debt, non welfare $15,000 a year I was getting. And they're all the processes and the tools and the techniques. I mean, I put them on how to be wildly wealthy fast, but those two affirmations and visualizations, you know, they're two that I use all the time. And I still to this very day, use them all the time, because they work and we have the choice as to, you know, how much time and energy we put into them, or put into whatever else is happening in the world. So we get to choose. 

Jamie  26:46  

So, how can people find you and reach you? Because it sounds like you have a lot of really useful things for people to take advantage of to help themselves so how can people reach you? Sure.

Sandy  27:00  

Probably the easiest way is just through my website, wildly wealthy, calm. There's free stuff there that they can download. There's lots of different blog posts, and on some of them, I've got guided visualizations for you and recorded affirmations. I've got all the stuff there. So yeah, that's probably the easiest way to reach me wildly 

Jamie  27:19  

And then tell me what led you to write a book. And other than the amazing relationship that you ended up with? Because of that book? What else has that book done for you? 

Sandy  27:31  

Honestly, if anyone could write a book, I would say do it seriously. A book takes you from just being a business person to being an author. And if you're an author, people perceive you completely differently. they perceive your business differently. It's like if you had the choice of going to let's say, you're going to, let's say you had to go to a marriage counselor. And one of them had written a book, and the other one hadn't, and they were both the same.

Sandy  28:00  

same price. And you know, they both had the same skills, you'd go to the one. And even it was more expensive. You probably got the one who'd written the book because you think they just knew more. So a book, I don't call a book, a book, I call a book, a big business card. I got that from Mark Victor Hansen, who he has sold, I think it's now half a billion Chicken Soup for the Soul books, that's a lot of books. And it's a big business card. And that's exactly what it is. I I've written it in such a way and this is actually one of the things that I teach people, you know, written it in such a way that it continually draws people back to my site. I offer them different free things throughout the book so that they come back to my site. So no matter where they buy it, whether they buy it from Amazon or the local bookstore or get it as a gift or get it in a secondhand store or get it a garage sale, find it in a bin doesn't matter what they still going to come back to my website and I'm still going to get their name and email address and then if they love you know the book and they

Sandy  29:00  

I love what I offer and maybe they want to see more and do more and, and be more through me. So it's a great way to build your business. And the thing is just remember books. Think about it for a second. How many gifts have you thrown in the bin over the years but who throws a book into the bin? Nobody. they donate it, they give it away. They, you know, sell it, but people don't usually throw them in the bins. So offer the rest of the world maybe that's garbage trash.

Sandy  29:34  

So yeah, it's books are brilliant. Honestly, if you've got a business, find a way to write a book because it will change your business forever. 

Jamie  29:42  

Thank you for that walking advertisement. I appreciate it. Since I help people write books, that's wonderful.

Jamie  29:51  

But you're so right, because when I find a book, I'm an avid reader. I love books. And when I find a book that I love, I tend to buy five or 10 copies.

Jamie  30:00  

Give it to all my friends. And then when my bookshelves are overflowing, and you know, there's some books that I'll read four or 567 times over and over, because I get new information out of them. And most of the time you get books like his success principles. I've read that bunches of times and have a zillion notes and all the margins, but when my home and my bookshelves fill up, I take it down to the local library, or I take it you know, once or twice a year, the town has a book fair outside and so I take it down there or I gift it to doctors offices, or nursing homes or things like that. So you're right, the book just lives on and on and on. Maybe not always in my house, but it's out circulating, which means it is an evergreen source of leads if you've written it correctly. So yeah, I love that. Love it. brilliant. So, we're getting ready to wind down here. Is there anything else that you would like to share with the listeners as well?

Jamie  31:00  

far as, you know, things that they can hold on to believe in, take some courage from or anything as far as if you thought you were supposed to be going one way, and something happened and it really directs you. And it doesn't feel great because you can't quite tell where it is that you're going to end up any last thoughts to encourage them to keep going? 

Sandy  31:23  

Yeah, I think I would say, you really don't need to know all the answers. You know, I, I always share that I dropped out of high school in grade 11. I didn't even finish high school. I didn't have any money behind me. I didn't have any support. I didn't have any great skills. I didn't like I really had nothing. But what I did have and I still do to this day is my imagination and my mind and I get to focus and so no matter what happens in your life, no matter which way your hips you know, sideways, back ways

Sandy  32:00  

You know, whatever happens, no matter how low it gets, you've always got your mind and you've always got your imagination, you've always got the ability to close your eyes. And just focus on what you would love to happen in your life. You don't have to worry about how you're going to get there. Just focus on what you would love. Whether that’s a sum of money, whether that's a lifestyle, whether that's helping people, whether it's being able to donate doesn't matter what it is, but focus on the end result. And if you focus on that long enough and hard enough, the universe will deliver the answer to you. You don't have to figure out the how the why the when the where the what, just know the end result, how you want your life to be, how you want your day to day, ideal life to be and focus on that as much as you can. And as I said the universe will deliver a way for that to happen. You just have to be persistent and consistent and have that energy strong and believe that can happen and they use

Sandy  33:00  

universe will deliver. That's fantastic. Sammy, thank you so much for that. And one more time, will you share your website so people can find you? Absolutely. It's wildly wealthy calm, that's wi LD l And if you put a forward slash free after that your listeners can actually get some free resources from me, a guided visualization and some inspiration around business. That's wonderful. Thank you very much for that. I know that the listeners will be very appreciative. And I know that our listeners are action takers, and so they're going to go do that right now. That's fantastic. Sandy, I've enjoyed speaking with you so much. And I'm so grateful that you shared your stories with us. And I look forward to speaking with you again sometime soon. Ah, thank you, Jamie. And you know, it's wonderful that you're doing this and really inspiring so many people all around the world.

Sandy  34:00  

So thank you so much. 

Jamie  34:02  

You're welcome.

Outro  34:06  

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